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Poland honours All Saints’ Day

01.11.2023 10:30
Poles are observing the Catholic All Saints’ Day on Wednesday, visiting the graves of their loved ones, as is national tradition, often making long journeys to their hometowns to do so.
Photo:PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

The All Saints’ Day, or the Solemnity of All Saints, is celebrated on the first of November, to honour all of the saints of the Catholic Church, the Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported.

In the Western Christian Church, Pope Gregory III (731-741) is often credited with establishing November 1st as the date for All Saints' Day, according to the Christianity.com website.

Pope Gregory IV (827-844) extended the celebration on November 1 to the entire Church, the CNA news agency noted.

All Saints’ Day also honours “all those who have passed on to the Kingdom of Heaven,” according to the Catholic Church. 

It is a national holiday in Poland and numerous other historically Catholic countries, Christianity.com noted. 

The Catholic faithful are required to attend a mass on All Saints Day, Polish state news agency PAP reported.

Poles also visit cemeteries to pay tribute to their deceased loved ones, as part of a broader tradition that extends to the All Souls’ Day on November 2, according to news outlets.

People light vigil lights, a symbol of hope and remembrance of those who passed away, and lay flowers on their graves, a symbol of love, the PAP news agency reported.

Polish police launched their annual Operation Torch road safety campaign, stepping up traffic patrols in the run-up to the holiday, broadcaster TVP Info reported.

Officers say they are keeping an eye out to make sure motorists are sober, sticking to the speed limit and abiding by road safety rules.

The campaign is being supported by road transport inspectors across the country, according to officials.

Twenty-five people were killed and 326 injured in 286 accidents on Polish roads during last year's All Saints' long weekend, according to police data.


Source: PAP, CNA, Christianity.com