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Ruling party paid troll to attack (future) coalition partner?

22.02.2024 20:50
A Polish online outlet (WP) has discovered that Tusk's party (PO - Civic Platform) paid the owner of an aggressive Twitter account 305 000 PLN to attack Law and Justice and PO's future coalition partner Szymon Hołownia.   
Anonymous and aggressive political posting can be quite a money spinner.
Anonymous and aggressive political posting can be quite a money spinner. Photo: pixabay.com/CCO/Free-Photos

Research has indicated that Law and Justice and the broadly interpreted right are more often the beneficiaries of aggressive anonymous posting than other parties (activity occasionally leading to prosecutions). However, this week the online outlet WP has discovered that the current ruling party PO also indulged in this form of political marketing. 

WP discovered that the owner of the account PabloMoralesPL was paid 305 000 PLN to refer to political opponents as "cretins", "idiots" or "imbeciles". In the case of Szymon Hołownia (currently the Lower-House Speaker) this was "softened" to "useful idiot", "manipulator" or more explicitly "Since 2019 Hołownia has done nothing but f*** up the opposition" - blaming Hołownia for dividing the opposition's electorate. 

WP discovered, by means of a court order, that Civic Platform booked these expenses as "political analysis" services. 

Hołownia himself has responded with magnanimity:

"What can I say if someone does things like that for money or someone else pays for services like that? It's a fool's game because PiS [Law and Justice] will make such statements for free ..."

Hołownia added that the budget of 305 000 paid to the "troll" was about the same as his coalition's (Third Way's) costs in organising thousands of meetings with voters. 

Sources: WP, PAP, wyborcza.biz