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Poland to fortify Belarus borders

17.05.2024 15:12
Migration pressure on the Polish Belarusian border is intensifying.
Photo:PAP/Michał Zieliński

Border guards and soldiers on the Polish side are being attacked by those who attempt to cross the border illegally, only last day saw 300 attempts of illegal crossings.

The groups of illegal migrants are becoming violent, threatening or attacking the border guards or demolishing the boundary pillars.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk, recently visiting the Polish guards on the border with Belarus amid reports that groups of migrants from Asia and Africa are being transported there by the Minsk authorities, stressed the need to tighten the border due to a constant flow of new threats.

He also mentioned an existing plan involving the deployment of the national army and allied troops to counteract any possible movement through Polish territory.

Agnieszka Bielawska has the story.