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64 percent of Poles support bid for WWII reparations: survey

17.07.2022 17:00
64 percent of Polish people say Germany should pay reparations for the damage it caused to Poland during World War II, according to a new opinion poll.
Buildings in Polish capital Warsaws Zielna street destroyed during World War II, as seen in 1948.
Buildings in Polish capital Warsaw's Zielna street destroyed during World War II, as seen in 1948. PAP

The survey was carried out earlier this month, Polish state news agency PAP reported at the weekend. 

Respondents were asked the following question: “In your view, should Germany pay Poland war reparations, in other words, compensation for the damage and crimes inflicted on Poland during World War II?”

Support for war reparations growing

39 percent replied: “yes, definitely” and a further 25 percent said “rather yes.”

Therefore, 64 percent of Poles are in favour of war reparations from Germany, a six percentage point increase compared to a similar poll in November 2021. 

Meanwhile, five percent of those asked said Germany “definitely should not” pay World War II reparations to Poland. A further eleven percent said “rather no” to the idea.

Thus, 16 percent of Poles are against pursuing war reparations from Germany, an eight percentage point decrease on the November 2021 survey.

The remaining 20 percent replied that it was “difficult to say” - a two percentage point rise on the November 2021 poll.

The survey was conducted between July 8-11 through computer-assisted web interviews on a nationwide, representative sample of 1,073 Polish people, the PAP news agency reported.

World War II reparations

A group of Polish lawmakers recently announced they would soon unveil a new extensive report on the damage inflicted on the country by the Germans during World War II. 

The three-volume study was drawn up over four years by a parliamentary team led by governing Law and Justice party MP Arkadiusz Mularczyk.    

In 2018, Mularczyk said that Germany could owe Poland USD 850 billion in war reparations.


Source: PAPwpolityce.pl