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Poland’s first zombie movie set for October premiere

11.08.2022 11:30
Director Xawery Żuławski’s “Apokawixa,” Poland’s first zombie film, will hit cinemas in October, officials have announced.
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Pixabay LicenseImage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Apokawixa will be in contention at the Gdynia Polish Film Festival next month, before hitting cinemas on October 7, Polish state news agency PAP has reported.

The movie tells the story of a group of teenagers who decide to escape COVID-19 lockdown for some wild partying at the seaside.

They go ahead with their plan despite the Baltic Sea being infested with blue-green algae and some mysterious infections spreading. 

Then, at the height of the festivities, the high schoolers find themselves attacked by zombies and must fight for their lives, the PAP news agency reported.         

The move's director, Xawery Żuławski, who also co-wrote the screenplay, said of Apokawixa: “It is Poland’s first zombie film; an entertaining, psychedelic adventure movie about young people, but not only for young people.”

He added: “Hopefully audiences will have a good time watching Apokawixa."

The movie features a host of promising young actors, including Waleria Gorobets, Mikołaj Kubacki and Natalia Pitry, alongside established on-screen performers such as Cezary Pazura, Matylda Damięcka and Tomasz Kot, the PAP news agency reported.


Source: PAPfilm.interia.pl