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Massive EU cash injection for Polish health system

12.05.2021 07:40
More than PLN 30 billion (EUR 6.6 bn, USD 8 bn) in EU funds will be allocated to improving health care in Poland over the next six years, a deputy health minister has said.
Photo: Sasin TipchaiPixabay
Photo: Sasin Tipchai/PixabayPixabay licence

Sławomir Gadomski said that sum would be two-and-a-half times more than that from the European Union's last multi-annual budget.

Gadomski told lawmakers in Poland's parliament that the EU funds would be allocated for purposes including modernizing and equipping large medical universities.

Polish deputies last week approved a key bill needed to unlock a stream of cash from Brussels, including money to help the economy bounce back from the coronavirus crisis.

The bill now goes to the Senate, the upper house of parliament, for debate.


Source: IAR