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Polish firefighters help save Greek town from blaze

19.08.2021 19:45
Polish firefighters say they have helped save a Greek town west of Athens from the wildfires that have been ravaging forests around the country’s capital.

“Yesterday, the situation was very difficult,” Polish Fire Brigade Commander Michał Langner told state news agency PAP on Thursday.

“The direction of the wind changed from west to south, blowing the fire towards the town of Vilia Attica. Most of our firefighters sprang into action to protect the area by stopping the fire from reaching the buildings,” he said.

The operation started on Wednesday afternoon and continued well into the night, with parts of the fire still not contained on Thursday morning, PAP reported.

“We finally managed to stop the fire at the edge of the town," Langner said.

"The fight against the flames continued throughout the night, and today it appears that the situation is under control,” he added.

Earlier this month, Poland deployed more than 140 firefighters and over 40 fire trucks to support wildfire response efforts in Greece.


Source: PAP