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French writer Marc Levy visits Warsaw, promotes new book on Ukraine

26.10.2023 16:30
One of the most renowned contemporary French writers, Marc Levy, whose latest book entitled "The Symphony of Monsters" is set in Ukraine, has visited Warsaw for the French Touch Gala.
Marc Levy during a press briefing at Warsaws Maison Sisley Institute on Wednesday.
Marc Levy during a press briefing at Warsaw's Maison Sisley Institute on Wednesday.Photo: Danuta Isler/Radio Poland

The ninth edition of the French Touch La Belle Vie, a series of events offering Poles a touch of France through its products, culture, fashion, food and music, concludes with a gala at the Polish capital's Grand Theatre on Thursday.

The event will feature Polish and French artists, including members of the world-renowned Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge, which will be making its second appearance in Poland.

Among the special guests is also Levy, one of the most well-known contemporary French writers. His latest book, released on October 17 and entitled La Symphonie des monstres (The Symphony of Monsters), is set in Ukraine directly after the invasion by Russian forces in February last year.

Marc Levy during a press briefing at Warsaw's Maison Sisley Institute on Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2023. Marc Levy. Photo: Danuta Isler/Radio Poland

Levy's books have been translated into 50 languages, including Polish, and sold over 50 million copies worldwide. He is also among the most popular non-Russian writers in Russia.

The Russian language version of The Symphony of Monsters will be released online for free. Work on the Polish version is ongoing, with the publication slated for the first quarter of 2024.

"I think among all the lies that Vladimir Putin has spread all over the world ... sometimes his madness makes him believe they are true," Levy told Radio Poland's Danuta Isler following his meeting with Polish readers.

Levy added: "But his plan has never been anything different than genocide of the Ukrainian people. This story was important to tell because it is proof of what his true intentions are. Maybe this story is going to change a few minds, who knows?"

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