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Poles’ support for Ukrainian refugees “impressive and unprecedented”: EU official

14.05.2022 07:00
The response of average Poles to the wave of war refugees from Ukraine has been impressive and unprecedented, the Chair of European Parlament’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee Dragos Pislaru said on Friday, at the end of his three day visit to Poland.
Ukrainian refugees in the Polish city of Przemyśl
Ukrainian refugees in the Polish city of PrzemyślPhoto: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

Since Wednesday, an EP delegation led by Pislaru was gathering information on Poland’s support for the refugees entering the country from war-torn Ukraine.

“The effort that Poland has put forward is recognised at the European Union level,” Pislaru told a press conference, adding that “certainly, there will be solutions alleviating the financial impact for Poland.”

“There is right now a bond that will last for generation inbetween Poland and Ukraine, and I think this is valuable,” Pislaru also added.

Poland on Friday reported it had welcomed nearly 3.34 million refugees fleeing Russia's war on Ukraine.


Source: PAP