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Cooking of Ukrainian borscht soup put on UNESCO heritage list

03.07.2022 18:04
The UN agency said in a statement that it has approved an inscription of the traditional dish on its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding.
Ukrainian borscht is popular in Poland.
Ukrainian borscht is popular in Poland.shutterstock.com

Made from beet, the soup is consumed in several countries in the region, including Poland and Russia. In Ukraine, its cooking is the focal point of family gatherings and community events.

Following the Russian invasion, Ukraine asked UNESCO for a fast-track processing of its borscht application as a case of "extreme urgency."

Since the origins of the dish are murky, both Ukraine and Russia whetted their appetite for borscht to officially become their country’s dish.

After the agency’s decision, Ukrainian culture minister Oleksandr Tkachenko said: 'Victory in the war for borscht is ours,' adding that Ukraine will soon win another war.