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Russia will use UN summit for information warfare: Polish gov’t official

22.09.2022 17:40
A senior Polish security official has said that Russia will use the ongoing session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to spread its propaganda, and called the Kremlin’s foreign minister “an important functionary of Russian lies.”  
Rzecznik ministra koordynatora służb specjalnych Stanisław Żaryn
Rzecznik ministra koordynatora służb specjalnych Stanisław Żaryn PAP/Marcin Obara

Stanisław Żaryn made the statement in an interview with the Polish state news agency PAP on Thursday. 

Russian propaganda

Żaryn, who is the government’s pointman for the security of Poland’s information space, stated: “Russia is seeking to persuade world opinion that its ‘special operation’ in Ukraine represents a response to the aggressive stance of Ukraine and the West towards Russia.”

The official added: “Moscow is portraying itself as the victim of unwarranted accusations and insinuations, but also as a victim of growing ‘pressure from NATO’.”

“The Kremlin is seeking to frame the war on Ukraine as an attempt to defend Russian interests, which are being trampled on by the West,” Żaryn told PAP.

According to the Polish security official, “it is to be expected that the ongoing UN summit in New York, which is attracting attention from the public internationally, will represent an opportunity for Russia to carry out its information-warfare tasks.”

Lavrov 'an important functionary of Russian lies'

Żaryn noted that Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was attending the UNGA and would likely address the gathering. 

The Polish official cautioned that “Lavrov, as well as the entire Russian diplomatic corps, is an important functionary in the system of Russian lies and his actions should be viewed through the prism of Russian disinformation, directed at the world at large.”

“His visit and speech [to the UNGA] will be subordinated to the regime of activity of Russia’s security services, which are directing Moscow’s information warfare against the West,” Żaryn stressed in the interview. 

His remarks came after Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday ordered a partial mobilisation of 300,000 reservists to fight in Ukraine and warned the West he was ready to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia.

Putin's 'admission of defeat'

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, who is also attending the UN summit in New York, said Putin’s announcement of a partial call-up for the campaign in Ukraine represented “a show of weakness” and “an admission of defeat.”           

Meanwhile, protests have taken place across Russia against the partial mobilisation, newsweek.com reported. 

Thursday is day 211 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 


Source: PAP, wnp.plnewsweek.com