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Estonian parliament declares Russia 'a terrorist regime'

24.10.2022 01:00
Estonian lawmakers have condemned Russia's attempted annexation of parts of Ukraine and denounced Russia as "a terrorist regime," news outlets have reported.

The Estonian parliament, the Riigikogu, said in a resolution last week that it "strongly condemns the military actions of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the illegal annexation of the territories conquered during the aggression."

The resolution added that Estonia "will never recognise the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine through aggression or sham referendums."

The Riigikogu declared "the Russian regime a terrorist regime and the Russian Federation a state supporting terrorism, whose actions must be confronted together."

The Estonian parliament called on the international community to adopt similar declarations.

The Lithuanian parliament, the Seimas, in May voted to label Moscow's assault on Ukraine as "genocide" and to denounce Russia as "a state that supports and perpetrates terrorism," according to reports at the time.

Polish lawmakers in March voted to condemn "war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of genocide” committed by Russia in Ukraine.


Source: PAP, riigikogu.ee