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Poland to unveil draft UN resolution on boosting global resilience to crises

23.01.2023 10:00
Poland and El Salvador are set to present a draft resolution on strengthening global resilience to crises, to be adopted by the United Nations General Assembly later this year, according to officials.
Krzysztof Szczerski (centre).
Krzysztof Szczerski (centre).Twitter/Poland in the UN

The proposed document will be unveiled by Poland’s ambassador to the UN, Krzysztof Szczerski, and El Salvador’s Egriselda Lopez on Monday, Polish state news agency PAP reported.

Poland’s Szczerski said that the world must strengthen its resilience to crises “due to the challenges posed by natural and ecological disasters and the consequences of wars, including in Ukraine.” 

Officials at Poland’s Permanent Mission to the UN told PAP that the draft resolution would “draw on the experiences of the Polish-led Three Seas Initiative.”

It is set to be the first document of its kind that “emphasises the role of infrastructure links in the field of transport, energy and telecommunications for security and development, in particular the fact that they help build resilience to crises such as war or natural disasters,” as quoted by PAP.  

The draft resolution says that societies with a resilient infrastructure will be less susceptible to disruptions in the supply of water, power, transport and telecoms services, among other issues. 

Poland’s Szczerski said he hoped the UN would adopt the Polish-led resolution, adding that such a move would signal “respect and support for actions initiated by Poland and President Andrzej Duda, together with partners from the Three Seas region. “

Szczerski told reporters: “If we look at the supply chain problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges posed by natural and ecological disasters, and the consequences of wars, including in Ukraine, we realise that it is necessary to build strong infrastructure.”

He added that the Three Seas Initiative represented “an excellent example of countries joining forces to limit risk and strengthen resilience.”

Poland-led draft resolution to be adopted by UN by mid-2023

The Polish-led draft resolution was co-written by Bulgaria, Croatia, El Salvador, Estonia, Hungary, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania, the PAP news agency reported.  

Following negotiations with fellow UN member countries, the document will be debated during a plenary session of the United Nations General Assembly, reporters were told. 

The draft resolution is expected to be adopted by the UN in the first half of 2023, officials said. 

Monday is day 334 of Russia’s war against Ukraine. 


Source: PAP, euractiv.pl