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‘Ukrainians are fighting for our freedom’: Polish FM

15.02.2023 14:30
Poland’s foreign minister has said that the war in Ukraine is “our common war” and that Ukrainians are fighting against Russia "for our freedom.”
Zbigniew Rau.
Zbigniew Rau.PAP/Mateusz Marek

Zbigniew Rau made the remark in an interview published on the niezalezna.pl website on Wednesday.

Poland’s top diplomat said that Ukraine "would be in an incomparably worse situation” if Poland had not provided "such staunch support" to its neighbour from the start of the Russian invasion, niezalezna.pl reported

'We are helping as quickly and as much as we can'

Rau added: “Poland has adopted the principle of military assistance to Ukraine according to which we are helping as quickly and as much as we can.”

The Polish foreign minister stated: “If we hadn’t sought to reach consciences and knock on political doors … Ukraine could have lost the majority of its territory. It definitely couldn’t hope to win and regain its territorial integrity. Now it can have such hopes.”

Rau said: “If Poland hadn’t provided support from day one, Ukraine’s voice definitely wouldn’t be so heard so distinctly around the world. Without a doubt, we were and are the leader of support to Ukraine. We are also helping through our example, mobilising others.”

‘Ukrainians are fighting for our freedom’

Poland’s top diplomat continued: “In the past, we used to fight for the freedom of others, under the motto: ‘For our freedom and yours’ ... I would say that for the first time in history, someone is fighting for our freedom. In this respect we’re very lucky.”

Rau stated: “It’s our common war. The Ukrainians are fighting for our freedom. Everyone who isn’t completely ignorant of the basic tenets of Russian imperialism should realise this.”   

Wednesday is day 357 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


Source: niezalezna.pl, polskieradio24.pl