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Ukrainian Medical Officer Julia Pajewska honoured in USA

21.03.2023 20:00
The Ukrainian Medical Officer, Julia Pajewska (pseudonym - "Tajra") has been granted the International Women of Courage Award.
Julia Pajewska Tajra
Julia Pajewska "Tajra"Twitter/@BlogUkraine

Julia Pajewska has for several years led the medical group "Tajra's Angels"; in that time she has spent 3 months in Russian captivity. On the 8 March, she was honoured by America's First Lady and the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for her bravery. 

On the occassion of the International Women of Courage Award, Julia Pajewska talked to the Polish Press Agency (PAP). These are some of her reflections on the War in Ukraine:

"There are women playing a variety of roles in the military effort. Some are at the front, some bring up the rear, some purchase vehicles, some check them, some are snipers."

"I consider my award to be in recognition of all these women."

"Medical officers of course worked in medicine in peace time. But sometimes an accountant turns out to be a fantastic sniper. Someone used to be a cook and now fires artillery weapons. You never know what the war will need from you and how it can change you."

"Contrary to what you might expect, Ukrainian medical staff are excellent. Peacetime healthcare suffers from poor organisation, but the doctors are brilliant."

Pajewska believes that superior medical staff is a key advantage Ukraine has over Russia in the war.

Source: PAP