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Ukraine flood victims receive assistance from another Polish organization

09.06.2023 11:30
The Polish Center for International Aid informed about the start of the humanitarian action.
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У ЄС затверджуватимуть 6 пакет санкцій проти росії.PAP/Wojtek Jargiło

The Polish Center for International Aid Foundation is one of the Polish organizations that has been helping Ukrainians affected by the war for several years. As a result of the catastrophic situation in the Kherson region, the organization has taken extra measures to help Ukrainians. Food packages and personal hygiene products are distributed to flooded areas.

Support is provided for people who had to flee their homes due to the dramatic situation and the poor living conditions. Distribution points have been set up on the roads used by Ukrainians to escape from the flooded areas, mainly towards Mikołajów. The PCPM foundation employees also reached Komyszany village with help.

After the Russians blew up a huge dam in Nowa Kakhovka on Tuesday, thousands of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes. Other areas are flooded with water and the evacuation of people continues.

Ukrainian authorities and the UN say the dam destruction is one of the most severe humanitarian disasters in the region in recent years.