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Polish, French, German leaders voice ‘unwavering support’ for Ukraine in Paris

12.06.2023 23:00
The Polish president has met with his French counterpart and the German chancellor in Paris, and the three leaders declared “unwavering support” for Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression. 
  • Polish, French, German leaders voice ‘unwavering support’ for Ukraine in Paris
Polish President Andrzej Duda (left), French President Emmanuel Macron (centre) and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (right) hold a joint news conference during their talks in Paris, on Monday, June 12, 2023.
Polish President Andrzej Duda (left), French President Emmanuel Macron (centre) and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (right) hold a joint news conference during their talks in Paris, on Monday, June 12, 2023. PAP/Leszek Szymański

Poland’s Andrzej Duda, France’s Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Olaf Scholz held three-way talks in the French capital on Monday night, Polish state news agency PAP reported.

Poland, France and Germany together form what is known as the Weimar Triangle, a group they set up in the early 1990s.

Earlier, Duda and Macron held a private conversation, according to officials. 

‘Poland, France, Germany stand firmly with Ukraine’: Poland’s Duda

At a joint news conference on Monday night, the Polish president said that the three countries “are absolutely united by common interest.”

He stated: “Not only are we all members of the European Union and NATO, but, above all, we all stand firmly with Ukraine today. And we absolutely realise that Russia must not win this war.”

Duda stressed: “For the sake of Europe's security, it is of fundamental importance that Russian imperialism be extinguished.”

‘Ukraine must be allowed to join the West’: Polish president

He noted that after years of efforts, Poland had become part of the community of western democratic countries.

The Polish president told reporters: “Today, Ukrainians want the same thing. They want to join the Western community on a political level.”

He added: “We should facilitate this and it’s one of the topics of our meeting today. Ukraine’s future membership of the EU and… Ukraine’s future membership of the NATO alliance, as well.”

The Polish president said the question was, “when will it be possible?”

Duda also voiced hope that “thanks to Europe’s support, Ukraine will conduct a successful counteroffensive” against Russia. 

He said that in his view, “a victory for the Ukrainian army” would consist in “driving the Russian armed forces out of all the occupied territories, that is, all the Ukrainian land that is internationally recognised as Ukraine’s territory.”

“In my opinion, this is how this war should end,” the Polish head of state stressed.

Duda also told reporters that his talks with Macron and Scholz in the Weimar Triangle format would focus on further assistance to Ukraine, including the makeup of the international “aircraft coalition for Ukraine.”

The Polish president added: “But above all we’ll discuss ways to create a real perspective for Ukraine to join NATO in the future. This is the great expectation of Ukrainian authorities, the great expectation of President Volodymyr Zelensky and the great expectation of Ukrainian society. They want us to give them a very concrete path for joining the NATO alliance.”

‘Unwavering support for Ukraine must continue’: France’s Macron

Duda’s sentiments were echoed by the French and German leaders, the PAP news agency reported.

France’s Macron said: “Our unwavering support for Ukraine must continue, whether it’s political, military, economic or humanitarian support, or help with rebuilding the country.”

He added that the war in Ukraine “is already a strategic and geopolitical defeat for Russia.”

France’s president said he would discuss with Duda and Scholz “the path towards a lasting peace, according to the conditions laid down by Ukraine” as well as “NATO’s security guarantees for Ukraine.”

Macron declared: “We unite in our determination to ensure that Ukraine’s victory contributes to a joint project of peace and security for the European continent,” as quoted by PAP.

‘Germany, France, Poland stand firmly with Ukraine’: Germany’s Scholz

The German chancellor told reporters: “Our position is clear. Germany, France and Poland stand firmly with Ukraine. We support this country in its defence against Russian aggression in the political, humanitarian and financial sense, as well as by delivering weapons.”

School added: “Today in Paris, the three of us wish to send a very important message, demonstrating the trust and close cooperation that connects France, Poland and Germany in Europe. The Weimar Triangle is of great importance to our three countries.”

'Unwavering solidarity with Ukraine'

In a joint statement in February, Duda, Macron and Scholz reaffirmed their condemnation of "Russia’s unprovoked and brutal war of aggression against Ukraine" and expressed "their unwavering solidarity with Ukraine and their unconditional support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders and its inherent right of self–defence against the Russian aggression."

The three leaders also pledged that their countries would "continue to stand firmly with Ukraine and its people for as long as it takes” and urged Russia “to unconditionally cease hostilities and withdraw its forces from the whole territory of Ukraine.”

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, launching the largest military campaign in Europe since World War II.

Monday was day 474 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


Source: PAP, prezydent.pl, dziennik.pl