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Ukraine to receive 10 more Leopard tanks from Germany amid counteroffensive

31.08.2023 12:30
The German government has announced a new military aid package to Ukraine that includes 10 Leopard 1A5 tanks, according to an announcement.
A Leopard 1A5 battle tank.
A Leopard 1A5 battle tank.Photo: PAP/EPA/CLEMENS BILAN

The details of the handover, which also includes a TRML-4D radar system, were reported on Wednesday by Ukrainian news website Ukrainska Pravda.

Minimal losses and high resilience

Data from the Oryx Project—a platform that tracks visually confirmed losses of military equipment—indicates that Ukraine has maintained an impressive retention rate for its Leopard tanks.

Of the 71 Leopard tanks previously given, only five have been reported lost on the front lines. Additionally, Ukraine lost two Leopard 2A4 tanks and three modern Leopard 2A6 tanks, out of batches of 50 and 21 respectively.

Repairs in Poland

A recent Forbes magazine report highlighted the resilience of the Leopard tanks, noting that many have returned to service after undergoing repairs in depots in Poland and Germany.

“Leopard 2 lends itself to recycling,” the report states, meaning if the tanks are damaged in battle, they can be repaired and return to combat.

Ukrainian soldier Oleksandr Solonko told reporters that "even the most critically damaged equipment is recovered and taken for repairs."

Forbes also noted that nearly all crew members from the five destroyed Leopards managed to safely escape the machines.


Source: PAP, Forbes, Ukrainska Pravda