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Poles concerned about Russian aggression: survey

22.02.2024 21:30
A new survey has revealed growing concerns among Poles about future developments on NATO’s eastern flank if Russia prevailed in Ukraine, Poland’s PAP news agency has reported.
Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo: PAP/ANTON VAGANOV / POOL

According to the latest United Surveys poll, published on Thursday, 47.4 percent of Poles believe that Russia will ultimately want to attack their country.

The figure marks an increase of 16 percentage points from a similar study in May 2023.

Meanwhile, 38.2 percent of Poles refute the notion of potential aggression by Russian forces in their country.

A further 14.3 percent were undecided or found it difficult to form an opinion.

When asked about the anticipated outcome of  the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine, 47.4 percent of Poles envisioned a protracted conflict leading to the devastation of both countries.

Meanwhile, 17.4 percent expressed confidence in Ukraine's ultimate triumph and 14.1 percent said Russia would win the war.

Notably, 21.1 percent of respondents opted for the "I don't know/hard to say" response.

The survey, commissioned by private broadcaster RMF FM and the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna daily, was conducted on February 10 and 11 by pollster United Surveys on a sample of 1,000 respondents, using the CATI/CAWI method.

Nearly two years into the war in Ukraine, only 10 percent of Europeans believe that Ukraine can defeat Russia, according to another poll conducted in January across 12 European Union countries, including Poland.


Source: PAP