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Poland's top diplomat to hold talks in Washington

26.02.2024 11:30
Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski's ongoing visit to the United States will reach a pivotal point on Monday, with a series of meetings and talks scheduled in Washington.
Radosław Sikorski.
Radosław Sikorski. Photo: PAP/Marcin Cholewiński

Following his participation in debates at the United Nations last week, Sikorski is set to engage with key figures at the US State Department, the White House and Congress on Monday.

The highlight of Sikorski's visit to Washington will be his meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, slated for 10 p.m. Warsaw time.

This will come after his discussions with President Joe Biden's National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan at the White House.

A primary focus of all these meetings is the war in Ukraine, with Sikorski advocating for US congressional support for an aid package to the war-torn country, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported.

In an interview with Polish Radio, Sikorski expressed optimism about the aid package's prospects, citing widespread support among US lawmakers.

He also mentioned his eagerness to learn about the US administration's strategy to secure a vote on the matter in Congress, the IAR news agency said.

Beyond Russia's war against Ukraine, Sikorski's agenda in the US includes talks on economic and energy cooperation and preparations for this year's NATO summit in Washington in July.

His visit also includes talks with members of Congress and a speech at the Washington-based Atlantic Council think tank.


Source: IAR