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Intercepted call shows discontent among Russian troops in Ukraine: Polish official

14.07.2022 19:30
A phone call intercepted by Poland’s civilian intelligence agency AW demonstrates growing discontent among Russian soldiers in Ukraine, a senior security official said on Thursday.
Stanisław Żaryn.
Stanisław Żaryn.PAP/Paweł Supernak

Stanisław Żaryn, who is spokesman for Poland’s security services, told reporters: “Another conversation intercepted by Poland’s intelligence service shows that among Russian invaders there is growing criticism of the military operations against Ukraine.”

Żaryn added: “Unplanned, chaotic actions, mistakes by commanders and very low morale - such is the picture that emerges from the phone calls intercepted by AW, and it differs from the Kremlin’s propaganda.”

Low morale, 'makeshift decisions,' heavy casualties

Żaryn also said: “In the latest intercepted conversation, a Russian soldier can be heard making critical remarks about the situation in the army and complaining about the makeshift decisions of the commanders, which, in his view, cause significant casualties among the troops.”

The Russian serviceman goes on to say that “the Kremlin’s decision to invade Ukraine has cost the lives of many Russians,” according to Żaryn.   

“The guys I used to go with are gone,” the soldier is heard saying, as quoted by Polish state news agency PAP. “Only three people are left from our platoon ... If people feel the need for heroism, let them go there. We’ll talk then.”

Żaryn told reporters the Russian serviceman "is actively discouraging everyone from joining the army and going to the front."

Overall, the conversation "is further evidence that Russian soldiers are increasingly aware that the propaganda message about the Russian army’s successes in the war with Ukraine is a lie,” Żaryn said.

All of the phone calls involving Russian troops that have been intercepted by the Polish civilian intelligence agency are available on its YouTube channel, reporters were told.

Thursday is day 141 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Source: PAPgov.pl