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‘Russia is sinking into criminal madness’: Polish ambassador to Ukraine

26.09.2022 09:40
Poland’s ambassador to Ukraine has said that following Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilisation of troops for the invasion of Ukraine, Russia is “sinking into criminal madness.”
Посол РП в Украине бартош Цихоцкий. Фото: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

Bartosz Cichocki made the comment in a media interview, published on Monday, Polish state news agency PAP reported. 

Putin last Wednesday mobilised 300,000 reservists to assist in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend his country. 

'Russia is sinking into criminal madness'

Asked to comment on the Kremlin’s move, Cichocki told the Polska Metropolia Warszawska newspaper: “Instead of drawing conclusions and returning to peace talks, to respecting international law and treaties to which Russia itself is a party, Moscow is sinking into this criminal madness.”

Poland’s envoy to Ukraine said that Putin’s call-up “is another step towards an escalation of violence and an escalation of the armed conflict.”

Putin's mobilisation 'very unlikely to increase Russia's combat power in 2022': ISW

Meanwhile, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has assessed that “Russian President Vladimir Putin is unlikely to overcome fundamental structural challenges in attempting to mobilise large numbers of Russians to continue his war in Ukraine.”

In its latest analysis of the war in Ukraine, published on Sunday night, the US think tank wrote that “The “partial mobilisation” he ordered on September 21 will generate additional forces but inefficiently and with high domestic social and political costs.”

Moreover, “The forces generated by this ‘partial mobilisation,’ critically, are very unlikely to add substantially to the Russian military’s net combat power in 2022,” the US experts stated.

'Many of Russia's drafted troops will have minimal preparation'

According to the UK Ministry of Defence, “Many of the drafted troops will not have had any military experience for some years.”

In their latest intelligence update on the war, published on Monday, the British analysts added: “The lack of military trainers, and the haste with which Russia has started the mobilisation, suggests that many of the drafted troops will deploy to the front line with minimal relevant preparation. They are likely to suffer a high attrition rate.”

Putin’s call-up has got off to a chaotic start, amid protests, drafting mistakes and many men of fighting age fleeing Russia, the US broadcaster CNN reported.  

Monday is day 215 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 


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