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Ukraine has Europe’s most experienced army: opinion

22.04.2023 16:00
Ukrainian troops are the most experienced army in Europe, a Polish general has said, as reported by the Polish Radio news agency IAR.
General Jarosław Gromadziński
General Jarosław Gromadziński Photo: Polish Army

General Jarosław Gromadziński made the statement on Saturday in an interview with the Polskie Radio 24 website.

"In my opinion, the Ukrainian army is the most experienced army in Europe and has paid for this experience with blood,” said Gromadziński, the deputy commander of the Security Assistance Group Ukraine (SAG-U), an international team tasked with providing assistance to the war-torn country.

“It is an army that has transformed very dramatically over the past year, despite maintaining post-Soviet equipment, which dominates its inventory,” he added.

“Nevertheless, the army has a lot of modern platforms and specialists," Gromadziński emphasised.

SAG-U is based in Wiesbaden, Germany where Ggeneral Gromadzinski, alongside US colleagues, is responsible for training Ukrainian troops.  


Source: IAR