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US accelerates delivery of Abrams tanks to Ukraine: report

01.09.2023 17:00
Ukraine's armed forces are set to receive the first batch of US-made Abrams tanks in mid-September, the Politico news service has reported.
Photo:PAP/Matthias Merz

According to anonymous Pentagon officials, 10 of the 31 tanks pledged to Ukraine are currently in Germany undergoing final refurbishments.

US Army Europe and Africa Command spokesman Martin O'Donnell confirmed that the United States is "committed to expedite delivery of the 31 tanks to Ukraine by the fall,” although he declined to specify the exact delivery dates, Politico reported.

The Pentagon disclosed on August 7 that the manufacturer had completed the last of the combat vehicles intended for Ukraine and that their arrival is anticipated in early autumn.

Originally announced in January by US President Joe Biden, the delivery was expected to take over a year. However, the timeline was expedited at the request of Ukraine, which agreed to receive refurbished M1A1 versions of the tank instead of the newer M1A2 model, Polish state news agency PAP reported.


Source: PAP, Politicoukrinform.net