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Dr Barbara Stanisławczyk-Żyła

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 30.09.2016 10:15
President of the Board, Editor-in-Chief, Polskie Radio S.A.

After graduating from Warsaw University of Technology in 1986 and post-graduate studies of journalism at the University of Warsaw in 1988, she underwent an internship in 1990 in Reuters Agency in London. Afterwards she devoted her time to features writing. Ms. Barbara Stanisławczyk-Żyła published, among many others, the following books: “Mother of Hłasko”, “Spider's Web. The Syndrome of Communist Secret Service”, “Kąkolewski No Mercy”, “Love Games of Marek Hłasko”. In 1997 she published a book titled “Forty Hard” describing the Poles who saved Jews during the II World War (the book was awarded the Honor of Jan Strzelecki of Australian Polish Community and the Jubilee Cross of Merit of the Polish Branch of the Association of Righteous Among Nations and). 

Simultaneously she worked in newspapers and magazines, among many others: “Tygodnik Solidarność”, “Po prostu”, “Pani”, "Kobieta i Życie", "Twój Styl”. She was editor-in-chief of “Pani” and “Sukces” monthlies. 

Ms. Barbara Stanisławczyk-Żyła also lectured on journalism at the University of Warsaw and Collegium Civitas. 

Later she focused on history and civilization topics. She published, among many others, books titled: “Last cry. From Katyń to Smolensk” and “Who fears the truth? Struggle against Christian civilization in Poland”. She is a Member of the Board of the Association of Polish Writers. 

In 2016 Ms. Barbara Stanisławczyk-Żyła became President of the Board, Editor-in-Chief, Polskie Radio S.A. with a mission to reform the PSM, to make it a space of pluralistic debate as well as to modernize its technological side and the structure of governance.