Cyfrowe radio DAB

Paolo Lazzarini

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 30.09.2016 08:00
Technical Director, Radio Vaticana

As a member of the IT department, Mr. Paolo Lazzarini acquired many competences in the field of the information technology applied to the back office services and in the industrial automation field. As an assistant of the Director of the Transmitting division, he acquired competences on RF operations, Transmitters and Antennas operating in the MW, SW, VHF and UHF frequency band. Mr. Paolo Lazzarini is responsible for field strength measurements campaign in the MW, SW, VHF and UHF frequency band. 

He was also responsible for the extraordinary maintenance and upgrade of the SW Rotatable Antenna “2” installed in the Transmitting Center “ Santa Maria di Galeria” (Rail maintenance, rebuild and upgrade of the a-periodic reflector). Mr. Paolo Lazzarini is also responsible for the T-DAB network planning, antenna design and the system implementation. Broadcast network planning and international frequency coordination are normal part of his job activity.