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President honours Polish trade union that defied communism 40 years ago

28.08.2020 07:15
President Andrzej Duda has honoured Poland’s legendary Solidarity trade union that defied the country’s communist-era authorities 40 years ago.
Polish President Andrzej Duda
Polish President Andrzej DudaPhoto: Igor Smirnow/KPRP

On August 31, 1980, Poland’s communist rulers signed a key agreement with striking workers at the Gdańsk shipyard that led to the establishment of Solidarity, the first independent trade union in communist Eastern Europe.

In a message to mark the 40th anniversary of that landmark event, Andrzej Duda said that “August 1980 was the foundation of a free Poland” and "a historic breakthrough that gave rise to momentous changes which transformed Europe and the world."

He added that the freedom movement in Poland at the time became an inspiration for other nations and helped bring about the fall of communism throughout Eastern Europe.

"On behalf of an independent Poland, I pay tribute to all those who, 40 years ago, firmly opposed the evil of the communist system and rose to fight for freedom, dignity and truth, for social justice and respect for workers' rights,” Duda said in his message.

A raft of events is scheduled to be held at the end of this month in Poland and beyond to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Solidarity and the signing of Poland’s milestone 1980 August Agreements.


Source: PAP, prezydent.pl