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Poland’s ruling party leader likely to quit government by end of March

24.12.2021 14:00
Jarosław Kaczyński, the leader of Poland’s ruling conservatives Law and Justice (PiS), has said he will leave the government by the end of March to focus on party duties, the state PAP news agency reported on Friday.

In an interview with the Gazeta Polska Codziennie newspaper, Kaczyński said the governing coalition had a “serious” chance to remain in power after the next general election. 

“We are facing a difficult time, due to the pandemic, the economic crisis besetting the world and the aggression from the East,” he assessed. “So far, we are dealing effectively with these challenges and if nothing changes, I believe we really have a good chance.”

“However, what also matters is the state of the main coalition party, Law and Justice,” Kaczyński said. “Our party must become more active on important issues.”

“And so by the end of the first quarter, I will most probably concentrate fully on the party and step down from the cabinet,” the Law and Justice leader stated.

He also noted that the government had finished work on a new homeland defence bill

“It was very important to me that we complete this task,” Kaczyński said.

Kaczyński is not prime minister despite leading the biggest party in Poland’s ruling conservative coalition.

He entered the government in October last year, becoming deputy prime minister responsible for national security and defence.


Source: PAP