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Poland's migration policy is a model for Europe: interior minister

15.09.2023 10:30
The migrant crisis on the Italian island of Lampedusa shows that the European Union lacks a well-thought-out migration policy, the Polish interior minister has said, adding that his country's migration policy should be a model for Europe.
Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński.
Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński.PAP/Radek Pietruszka

Mariusz Kamiński made the comment in an interview with public broadcaster Polish Radio on Thursday night.

Referring to the latest influx of illegal migrants to Italy’s Mediterranean island of Lampedusa, the Polish interior minister said: “Today’s situation on the Italian island of Lampedusa demonstrates the EU’s helplessness and lack of a thought-out migration policy.”

Kamiński added: “Crowds of illegal migrants are setting out for Europe again. As a result of thoughtless policies, illegal migrants are eligible for social benefits.”

According to the Polish interior minister, illegal migrants are attracted to Europe “thanks to the thoughtless migration and asylum policy of the EU’s wealthiest nations,” such as Germany. 

Kamiński stated: “And so Poland, with its assertive, well-thought-out and consistent migration policy, serves as a model for all of Europe.”

He added that many foreign officials were "congratulating Poland" on its migration policy. 

Kamiński also argued that “Poland is defending the EU and defending Europe."

He said: “Part of our borders are also the external borders of the EU and we are protecting Europe.”

Visa irregularities: 'Our agencies are taking appropriate and effective action'

In the interview, Kamiński was also asked about an ongoing investigation into possible corruption in the granting of entry visas to Poland.

On Thursday, officials said that seven individuals had been charged over irregularities in the issuing of entry visas to the country, and three of the seven persons have been put under temporary detention.

The interior minister told Polish Radio: “In the granting of entry visas, there are always temptations to speed up the process as a result of corruption. This case proves that our agencies are taking appropriate and effective action.”

He added that "the Polish state is able to swiftly identify” any irregularities and hold those responsible to account. 

Kamiński also argued that “contrary to claims” by opposition leader Donald Tusk, the government probe into the granting of entry visas “concerns several hundred visas,” issued by several Polish consulates to foreign nationals, and “not hundreds of thousands of visas,” the PAP news agency reported.


Source: PAP, polskieradio.pl