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Nearly 30% of Polish entrepreneurs consider liquidation

03.07.2022 19:55
Companies have been grappling with the "Polish Deal" stimulus plan, which came into force at the beginning of the year, a Polish daily wrote.
The Polish Deal is centred around changes in the tax system.
The Polish Deal is centred around changes in the tax system.Natee K Jindakum/Shutterstock

The proposals have been slammed by those surveyed in a study quoted by Gazeta Wyborcza.

The respondents pointed to little clarity of the regulations, a chaotic information policy and financial losses as the primary issues they had with the measures.

As a result, some 82% of Poles claim that they don’t understand the changes introduced with the Polish Deal and they don’t follow its amendments, the study showed.

The disputed tax scheme, coupled with a turbulent global situation, makes Polish businesspeople less ready to invest in their firms.

‘They’d rather think about going out of business, selling part of their company or reducing employment,’ the daily explained.

The study cited by Gazeta Wyborcza was carried out before the latest changes to the Polish Deal took effect as of July 1.


Source: Gazeta Wyborcza