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Sweden to deliver early warning aircraft to Poland

04.03.2024 11:15
Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson is scheduled to visit Poland on Monday to formally hand over the first of two advanced early warning aircraft to the Polish military, as part of a defense agreement signed last July.
Saab 340 AEW aircraft.
Saab 340 AEW aircraft. Photo: Twitter/Mariusz Błaszczak

The visit underlines strengthening defense ties between Sweden and Poland, with discussions also set to cover European Union matters, support for Ukraine and NATO engagements.

The ceremony, set to take place at a military air base in Gdynia, northern Poland, will see Jonson meeting with his Polish counterpart Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz.

The Saab 340 AEW&C aircraft, valued at around PLN 230 million (USD 57.5 million), are a significant acquisition for Poland, aimed at enhancing its surveillance capabilities, especially for detecting low-flying targets such as maneuvering missiles.

The Saab 340 AEW&C aircraft represent a crucial enhancement to Poland's defense infrastructure, capable of detecting targets at a distance significantly beyond the reach of ground radars.

This delivery marks Poland's first possession of such advanced aerial surveillance technology, filling a critical gap in its military capabilities.

The addition of these aircraft is part of a broader initiative to develop a comprehensive anti-aircraft shield for Poland.

This system integrates various components, including US-supplied 93 EOC command and control posts, Patriot and Narew missile batteries, and the latest radar technologies, into a unified defense mechanism.


Source: IAR, Business Insider