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Polish PM blames Europe’s energy woes on Germany

08.10.2022 14:00
The Polish prime minister has blamed Europe’s energy woes on Germany, saying that Berlin's natural gas deal with Moscow has proved "disastrous" for the 27-nation European Union.
Mateusz Morawiecki
Mateusz MorawieckiPAP/Radek Pietruszka

Speaking in an interview with business and financial news broadcaster CNBC, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said this week that the Kremlin behaved “like a drug dealer” in its standoff with Europe over gas supplies, Polish state news agency PAP reported.

“Initially, the gas [from Russia] was supposed to be very cheap, but the real price of the gas we now know," Morawiecki said.

"The real price of the gas is also the blood of soldiers and people, children and women in Ukraine and the real price of gas is the current harsh winter coming in Europe,” he added.

He told CNBC’s Charlotte Reed in an exclusive interview that Europe’s current energy issues were “consequences of a very wrong policy, disastrous policy, which was led by Germany,” according to the cnbc.com website.

“Lack of gas, very expensive prices of gas and electricity all over Europe – this is the real price of the agreement between Germany and Russia,” Morawiecki said.

Russia has halted gas flows to Europe in a major standoff over the war in Ukraine, sparking the region’s biggest energy crisis in decades, CNBC reported. 

It said Morawiecki made the comments as EU leaders met for an informal summit in the Czech capital Prague to discuss the war in Ukraine and Europe’s energy crisis.


Source: PAP, cnbc.com