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Slovakia promotes national parks to adventure seekers and families

24.05.2024 09:30
As citizens across Europe celebrate European Day of National Parks on May 24, Poland's southern neighbor Slovakia is stepping up efforts to promote its natural beauty.
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Slovakia Travel, the country's tourism promotion organization, is showcasing various attractions awaiting visitors at Slovak national parks where they can unwind amid pristine nature and explore natural phenomena.

Slovakia's national parks offer a diverse range of experiences, from mountain climbing and cave exploration to peaceful rafting, catering to adventure lovers and families alike.

For example, the Tatra National Park, Slovakia's oldest national park, features over 600 kilometers of marked hiking trails leading up to nine of the High Tatras peaks.

For those seeking a more thrilling experience, Slovakia Travel recommends climbing Gerlach Peak, the highest point in the High Tatras at 2,655 meters above sea level.

Gerlach, the highest peak of the Tatra Mountains, which straddle the border between Poland and Slovakia. Gerlach, the highest peak of the Tatra Mountains, which straddle the border between Poland and Slovakia. Photo: Michal Klajban, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

This climb, requiring approximately 10 hours of strenuous physical activity, usually begins before daybreak and is only accessible with a mountain guide.

For families and those preferring less demanding activities, the Pieniny National Park offers a unique experience of floating on traditional wooden rafts through the Dunajec River Gorge, an activity popular with tourists on both sides of the Poland-Slovakia border.

Guided by a skilled raftsman dressed in folk attire, visitors can learn about local nature and legends, including tales of the Slovak folk hero, the outlaw Juraj Jánošík.

Slovakia's Karst National Park, renowned for having Central Europe's largest karst area with over 1,100 caves, also attracts many visitors. Its caves, including the Domica Cave, are part of the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage list and offer tours that can include boat rides on underground rivers.


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