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Poland extends high alert over cybersecurity threats

05.03.2022 11:00
Polish Prime Minister has extended the heightened alert over threats in cyberspace for the country's public services, amid Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Poland has put its public services on heightened alert over threats in cyberspace.
Poland has put its public services on heightened alert over threats in cyberspace.Photo: Pixabay

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki raised the alert level in late February, in a response to an escalating security crisis, from one to three on a scale of four, the state PAP news agency reported at the time.

Poland’s first alert level is referred to as ALFA-CRP, the second is called BRAVO-CRP, the third is known as CHARLIE-CRP, and the fourth is defined as DELTA-CRP. 

The government introduced the lowest ALFA level in mid-February, later upgrading it to level three, CHARLIE, following cyber-attacks in Ukraine.

This kind of alert level will remain in place until March 15, the government’s centre for security said.

Protection of critical infrastructure

Government’s commissioner for cybersecurity, Janusz Cieszyński told the media in February that "the protection of critical infrastructure will be stepped up" under the new alert level. 

“Those responsible for system security will be obliged to boost security procedures, for instance by putting administrators on round-the-clock duty,” Cieszyński said.

“Also, it will be necessary to review the available back-up resources in terms of their potential use,” he added.

Under Poland’s anti-terror laws, the third CHARLIE alert level "applies in case of events which suggest a probable subject of a terrorist attack targeting public security, the security of Poland, or the security of another country, creating a potential threat to Poland,” PAP reported.

CHARLIE can also be introduced when there is "credible and confirmed information about a planned event of a terrorist nature," according to the news agency.


Source: PAP