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Financial help for Poles buying electric cars

02.07.2021 16:36
Poles will from July 12 be able to apply for a government subsidy of almost PLN 19,000 (EUR 4,200, USD 5,000) when buying an electric car.
Photo by Trace Hudson from Pexels
Photo by Trace Hudson from Pexels Pexels.com

For families with a large number of children, a subsidy of PLN 27,000 will be available.

Poland’s National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has earmarked PLN 500 million to subsidise purchases of electric and hydrogen vehicles under the initiative.

Deputy Climate and Environment Minister Ireneusz Zyska said that the aim of the programme was to reduce harmful emissions, develop environmentally-friendly transport and improve Poles’ quality of life.


Source: IAR