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South Pole explorer returns home

23.01.2023 23:45
Polish adventurer Mateusz Waligóra, who reached the South Pole earlier this month, has returned home after nearly two months of hiking.
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Pixabay LicenseImage by Angie Agostino from Pixabay

Friday, January 13, will forever remain a happy day for Waligóra, who on that day successfully completed a solo expedition to reach the southernmost tip of the planet.

Upon his arrival at Warsaw's Chopin Airport on Sunday, Waligóra said that even though he had fed mainly on butter, lard and chocolate during his trek, he lost considerable weight.

“18 kg less, yet these missing kilograms work out for me now," he said. "I feel great, I have mild frostbite left after the hike. Still, I think it's a small price to pay considering the conditions I found in Antarctica."

Radio Poland’s Michał Owczarek has the story. 

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