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Pol’and’Rock music fest kicks off in western Poland

01.08.2019 13:19
Music lovers from across Poland and beyond have flocked to the western town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą for the Pol’and’Rock music festival, hailed by its organisers as Europe’s biggest free music fest.
Photo: pexels.com
Photo: pexels.comCC0

The four-day event was set to kick off on Thursday with a performance by Ziggy Marley, the son of reggae music legend Bob Marley.

Concerts will be performed by artists from Poland and abroad, including American rap rock supergroup Prophets of Rage, consisting of members of landmark bands such as Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill.

Other acts include Skunk Anansie, Avatar, Acid Drinkers, Happysad, Kult, Maciej Maleńczuk and more.

The festival has in recent years drawn crowds of more than half a million, according to its organisers, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

The event was originally conceived as a way of thanking the charity’s many volunteers, who during the most recent winter fundraising campaign helped collect over PLN 190 million (over USD 50 million) for hospital equipment.

The festival, earlier called “Przystanek Woodstock,” first took place in 1995 and has been held in Kostrzyn nad Odrą every year since 2004.

The event runs until the early hours of Saturday.

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Source: polandrock.pl