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"Not to be shown even to historians"

04.08.2022 01:30
Many documents concerning the Warsaw Uprising have only recently become available - and there are queues to view them. PAP interview with Professor Maciej Kledzik.
Documents from Warsaw Uprising
Documents from Warsaw Uprising PAP/Paweł Kula

Professor Maciej Kledzik, historian and author of "Zgrupowanie AK mjr. Bartkiewicza" ["The Home Army Camp of Major Bartkiewicz"] among other studies, has transferred part of his personal collection of historical documents to Polish national archives. On this occasion he was interview by the Polish Press Agency.

Professor Kledzik began assembling his own collection of documents in 1982-83 and he has made the first part available now. In his PAP interview, Professor Kledzik said that the communist authorities restricted access to historical documents "to write their own version of history." 

Surprisingly, the situation did not improve considerably after 1989, according to Kledzik. Scanning of documents left many illegible and there are queues of historians and other interested parties to view original documents. Transferring his personal collection in portions is an attempt to begin facilitating access.

Source: PAP


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