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Violent storms pass through Poland

06.09.2020 10:05
Weather services warn of yet more unsettled weather
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 Fire services were called out near on 600 times to intervene after violent thunderstorms coursed through Poland late on Saturday and in the early hours of Sunday.

 Most of the interventions were in Lower Silesia - 253. Reports were also of a tornado which hit the localities of Deksyty and Weskajny in the Masurian lake district, causing damage to a number of roofs in the area.

 A man was killed in the locality of Baniocha, outside Warsaw, when a falling tree struck the car in which he was travelling.
Two other people were slightly hurt in accidents near Kobierzyce n Lower Silesia, when their cars were hit with falling branches. 

 The Meteorological Office has also issued a second-degree warning in connection with high water on rivers in the region of Opole and Silesia.

 Meanwhile the Government Security Centre and the Meteorological Office warn of more unsettled weather in southern Poland, with intensive rains and high winds. Weather services have issued a first-degree warning for localities in a belt from Gliwice, Rybnik and Katowice, to Kraków, Nowy Sącz and Tarnobrzeg, Rzeszów, Krosno and Przemyśl. 

Source: IAR/PAP