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Poles no longer keen to pick asparagus in Germany: report

16.04.2021 14:55
With growing incomes at home, Poles are no longer finding it worthwhile to take up low-skilled seasonal jobs in neighbouring Germany, such as picking asparagus, according to a report.
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Some asparagus growers in Germany are having problems recruiting workers to pick the vegetables as these become ripe for harvesting, Poland’s PAP news agency has reported.

In previous years, German growers relied on seasonal workers from Poland and Romania, but for some time Poles have been reluctant to pick asparagus in Germany, the Polish state news agency reported.

It cited a grower from Germany’s western North Rhine-Westphalia region as saying that this type of work was exhausting and not attractive to Germans.

“In the past, many seasonal workers came from Poland,” the grower, Dirk Buchmann, who heads a local association of asparagus producers, told Germany’s Rheinische Post daily newspaper, according to the Polish news agency.

“But today this kind of work in Germany is no longer profitable for them," Buchmann added, as quoted by Rheinische Post on its website, PAP reported.


Source: forsal.pl, PAP