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Top Polish women's javelinist closes in on Olympic qualification

15.05.2024 18:30
After a lengthy injury struggle, Poland's Maria Andrejczyk produced a powerful performance over the weekend - almost reaching the Olympic qualification threshold.
Maria Andrejczyk
Maria Andrejczykfot. Adam Warżawa / PAP

Maria Andrejczyk is the Polish Olympic silver medalist from Tokyo in women's javelin. She had been struggling with injuries for a long time - but on Sunday she threw 62,72 metres, taking 3rd place in the meeting in Germany's Offenburg. It was her best result in almost three years - and it got her very close to winning the Olympic qualification for Paris 2024, either through passing the threshold or through a world ranking position.

Click on the audio player above, on the left, to hear what Maria Andrejczyk said about her career - and the specifics of her discipline, when interviewed by Radio Poland's Danuta Isler.