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Presence of US Army HQs in Poland 'incredibly important': deputy FM

29.06.2022 17:35
A Polish deputy foreign minister has said that the presence of US Army "command structures" in Poland is "incredibly important."
Paweł Jabłoński
Paweł JabłońskiPAP/Rafał Guz

Paweł Jabłoński made the remark in an interview with Polish state news agency PAP on Wednesday.

Earlier in the day, US President Joe Biden announced that his country would create a permanent headquarters for its Army V Corps in Poland in response to threats coming from Moscow after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Jabłoński said the decision was “an indication that the US and Poland are working ever closer together.” 

US 'command structures' in Poland 'incredibly important'

He added it was vital that not only US troops but also "some of the command structures" were stationed in Poland.  

“It’s incredibly important that command structures are stationed in countries on the front line of a potential attack, so that they can respond directly to threats, which are most real here,” he said.

According to Jabłoński, Biden’s decision to "station the command of US Army V Corps in Poland is the result of many years of hard work" by Polish diplomats.

“We keep working to make sure that the allied presence is bigger as it simply strengthens our security guarantees,” Jabłoński said.

The US president announced his decision during a key summit of the NATO alliance in Madrid, Spain.

At the summit, which started on Tuesday and runs until Thursday, NATO leaders decided to invite Finland and Sweden to join the pact and agreed to formally consider Russia "the most significant and direct threat to the allies' security," the Reuters news agency reported. 

Wednesday was day 126 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Source: PAP, Reuters, nato.int