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North Korea denies selling arms to Russia

22.09.2022 23:00
An anonymous official in the North Korean defence ministry has told the BBC that North Korea has not sold arms to Russia and does not intend to in the future. 
North Korean Leader
North Korean LeaderPAP/EPA/KCNA

North Korea appears to be distancing itself from Russia, as an anonymous official in their defence ministry has denied selling arms to Russia.

The USA had suspected attempts by Russia to purchase arms from North Korea and Iran among other countries, but has stated that sanctions against Russia have made these transactions more difficult for Russia.

North Korea's relations with Russia cooled after the collapse of the Soviet Union, however the dictatorship blamed the "West's hegemony" for the war in Ukraine.

National Security Council Communications Coordinator John Kirkby said that the US does not have evidence of North Korea concluding such a transaction.

Sources: whitehouse.gov, PAP


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