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Polish Radio stands with Ukraine, one year on

17.03.2023 14:00
A year since it launched its special service for Ukraine, public broadcaster Polish Radio continues to expand its programming for Ukrainians who have fled to Poland seeking refuge from Russia's invasion, executives said on Friday.
Polskie Radio dla Ukrainy
Polskie Radio dla UkrainyPolskie Radio

The Polish Radio for Ukraine station, which provides news, commentary and music content, was one of the first Polish outlets to air special news bulletins for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland, Polish Radio’s IAR news agency reported.

One year on, the station keeps extending its programming, cementing its position as a source of credible and objective information for war refugees, as well as for Poland’s entire Ukrainian community, executives told the media.

News they can use: Polish Radio for Ukraine

By providing refugees from Ukraine with trustworthy and impartial information, Polish Radio for Ukraine fulfills its duty as a public broadcaster, officials have said.

Ever since Russia’s full-scale assault on Ukraine in February last year, Polish Radio has been reporting on the situation on the frontline and supporting Ukrainian refugees by supplying information to help them adapt to their new lives, IAR reported.

Polish Radio's service for Ukraine has expanded from a single, one-hour programme a day to 14 hours of broadcasts every day, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Combating Russian disinformation   

Andrzej Rybałt, director of Polish Radio’s External Service, also known as Radio Poland, said: “Polish Radio for Ukraine was created in the immediate aftermath of Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine. The station is staffed by journalists from Radio Poland’s Ukrainian Section.”

Rybałt told the media: “The response from listeners is firm proof that Polish Radio for Ukraine effectively delivers its mission as a public radio broadcaster.”  

He added that Polish Radio for Ukraine aims to provide objective information on a wide range of issues, including “Polish-Ukrainian relations, developments on the front, and support offered by Polish authorities and nonprofits to refugees from Ukraine,” in addition to up-to-date reporting on “the situation on the Polish-Ukrainian border, joint projects by Polish and Ukrainian artists, and Poland’s military assistance and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.”    

Moreover, Polish Radio for Ukraine “effectively combats Russian disinformation, which is designed to disrupt cooperation between the peoples and governments of Poland and Ukraine,” Rybałt said.

Many of the programmes seek to document Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine, while others feature firsthand accounts of the war by Polish and Ukrainian families, Rybałt added.

Praise from Ukrainian army

Poland’s Ukrainian community has embraced Polish Radio for Ukraine, and the station has also earned thanks from the General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, the IAR news agency reported.

The Ukrainian General Staff in July expressed its appreciation for Radio Poland’s Ukraine Section and Polish Radio for Ukraine, highlighting their "systematic, objective, comprehensive and substantive coverage of the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as regards the defence of the country, and of the development of Polish-Ukrainian relations, especially in the military sphere.”

Meanwhile, Poland’s media regulator KRRiTV signed a memorandum with its Ukrainian counterpart to work together "in the field of broadcast regulation," IAR reported. The agreement is designed to “deepen mutual cultural links and strengthen friendly relations between Poland and Ukraine,” officials said.  

Polish Radio for Ukraine is available to listen through DAB+ digital technology, Polish Radio’s web player and the public broadcaster’s mobile app, downloadable for free from Google Play and App Store.

Friday is day 387 of Russia’s war on Ukraine. 


Source: IAR, polskieradio.pl