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Polish soldier in Ukraine shares tales of war and hope

29.03.2024 22:30
In an intimate interview, a Polish volunteer with the International Legion for Territorial Defense of Ukraine opens up about the personal toll of war, his motivations for fighting, and his reflections on humanity amid conflict.
Ukrainian servicemen practice combat exercises amid Russias invasion of their country, March 28, 2024.
Ukrainian servicemen practice combat exercises amid Russia's invasion of their country, March 28, 2024.Photo: Wolfgang Schwan / Anadolu/ABACAPRESS.COM

Piotr Mitkiewicz, who enlisted in May 2022 to defend Ukraine against Russia's invasion, spoke with a chilling calmness about the risks of war.

"Nothing worse than death can happen to me, so I got used to it," he told private Polish broadcaster RMF FM, outlining a mindset shaped by the grim realities of combat.

The interview sheds light on Mitkiewicz's complex emotions towards the conflict. Despite the horrors, he finds it impossible to stay away, driven by solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and his encounters with enemy soldiers have even stirred empathy, revealing the humanity of those he fights against.

Mitkiewicz's account navigates the moral dilemmas of war. He grapples with the role of a soldier and its compatibility with being a compassionate human being.

"I wonder if I'm still human, because one man should not kill another," he told RMF FM.

Mitkiewicz says he clings to hope and the potential for peace.

“Can any hope be found in this nightmare? One can find light in the fires of war. I try to find it, I found some of it, I see hope,” he told the broadcaster.


Source: RMF FM