Ten cały musical - "Dom" w musicalach.

Ten cały musical 9 lutego godz. 13:01
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Ten cały musical - "Dom" w musicalach.

"Dom" w musicalach.



Data emisji: 09.02.2020

  • Kristin Chennoweth, - A House Is Not A Home
  • David Aaron Baker, Sarah Jessica Parker, Once Upon a Mattress Ensemble, - The Swamps of Home
  • Amelia Workman, Phillipa Soo, Brittain Ashford, - In My House
  • Blake DeLong, Gelsey Bell, - The Private and Intimate Life of the House
  • Helen Sjoholm, - Home
  • Norman Matlock, Frank O'Brien, - Bring All the Boys Back Home
  • Porter Cole, Anything Goes Orchestra, - [j] Ten cały musical sygnal {Prelude}
  • Noah Hinsdale, Griffin Birney, - Come to the Fun Home
  • Madness, - Our house
  • Matilda the Musical Original Cast, - My House
  • - Rent