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Israel demonstrates the kind of effective air defence Ukraine needs - Sikorski

14.04.2024 14:55
Poland's foreign minister and media outlets have drawn comparisons between Russia and Iran's attacks on Ukraine and Israel respectively.  
The majority of rockets fired by Iran were shot down by Israels defence system Iron Dome.
The majority of rockets fired by Iran were shot down by Israel's defence system "Iron Dome".Photo: PAP/EPA/ABIR SULTAN

Poland’s foreign minister Radosław Sikorski has today congratulated Israel on its effective defence against Iranian rockets.

Iran says the attack was in response to Israel’s attack on Iran’s consulate and the matter is now concluded. This appears to be a controlled response from Iran as used in the past – hoping to both save face with a stern response but not escalate into full-scale war.

Sikorski, along with several commentators have drawn comparisons between Iran’s on Israel attack with Russia’s on Ukraine. Some commentators have cautioned against triumphalism following Israel’s success, warning that Iran’s attack looks similar to Russian [quote] “probing” attacks designed to find weaknesses in defence systems rather than expecting to achieve immediate results.

Sikorski tweeted that Israel’s success demonstrates precisely the kind of comprehensive defence system that Ukraine needs.

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