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"This is a cafe not a co-working space!"

18.04.2024 21:00
Polish cafe owners are becoming frustrated with customers using their cafes as alternative office spaces, charging phones, ipads and computers and working for several hours ordering one cappuccino.
Bloggers working in cafe.
Bloggers working in cafe. Photo: tellmeyourgoal/Pixabay

According to an article in Business Insider this week, Polish cafe owners are becoming frustrated with customers who occupy tables for several hours using the cafe as an office. 

One cafe owner from Poznan, interviewed by the magazine, said that he is introducing a ban on ipads and laptops. 

On the other hand, cafes are relatively expensive in Poland, so margins are potentially high and electricity for charging or air-conditioning in the summer offer "added value" to an expensive coffee. 

In Warsaw, for example, the average price of a regular cappuccino is 3.52 USD or around 14 PLN, comparable to regional capitals in Germany where incomes are considerably higher.

Following COVID, many Polish companies have allowed working from home, which is spilling off into working from the cafe. 

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