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Bid to cut off power, water to Russian buildings in Prague

29.11.2022 23:30
More than 500 people have signed a petition calling for electricity, water and heat supplies to be cut off to all Russian-owned buildings in the Czech capital Prague, including those used by Moscow's diplomats, in response to Russia's massive missile strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure, Polish broadcaster TVP Info reported on Tuesday.
The Russian embassy in Prague.
The Russian embassy in Prague. Photo: Michal Krumphanzl/CTK via PAP

The signatures are being collected in an effort led by a Czech group called Arms for Ukraine, according to the Polish broadcaster's tvp.info website.

“Over the past several weeks, Ukrainian towns and villages have been hit by unprecedented missile attacks unleashed by Russia," the group behind the campaign said, as quoted by the tvp.info website.

The Arms for Ukraine group added: "The main targets have been power plants, heating plants and water systems. This new phase of the war has had disastrous consequences for the daily lives of civilians. Apartments, schools and kindergartens, shops and factories, but also hospitals have been deprived of power and water."

The group called on "state and private energy distributors to give Russian diplomats in Prague a taste of their own medicine," according to tvp.info.

"We demand that all Russian-owned buildings be disconnected from gas, water and electricity," it said.

"Let's give the Russian embassy in Prague a taste of its own medicine," one of the originators of the petition, Martin Ondráček, wrote on social media.

"Let's show Russian diplomats how it feels to be freezing at night, like residents in Kyiv have been, for example," he added, as quoted by tvp.info.



Source: tvp.info