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Sexual harassment scandal erupts in Polish tennis

23.11.2022 18:15
The head of the Polish Tennis Association, Mirosław Skrzypczyński, has been accused of multiple cases of physical and sexual harassment - towards members of his family and female trainees. Among those who have addressed the issue is Iga Świątek.
Katarzyna Kotula - New Left MP and one of Mirosław Skrzypczyńskis accusers
Katarzyna Kotula - New Left MP and one of Mirosław Skrzypczyński's accusersPAP/Tytus Żmijewski

In an October article for ONET, investigative journalist Jacek Harłukowicz and Janusz Schwertner from ONET cite members of Skrzypczyński's family and former trainees accusing him of violence - physical and sexual. 

This has been followed up by the accusations of New Left member of parliament and former tennis player Katarzyna Kotula, "The President of the Polish Tennis Association is a sexual predator. He harmed me as a child."

Besides discussion in the press, Iga Świątek has addressed the issue on Twitter, saying:

"I feel that as the current leader of women's tennis, I cannot pass over these issues in silence. [...] I treat the articles that have appeared concerning the President of the Polish Tennis Association very seriously. [...] The proper authorities should investigate and take up the allegations that have appeared. It is not for me to judge or play the role of state organs - these matters are too important, affecting as they do the health and wellbeing of people."

Sources: ONET, PAP, Twitter